Writing For Supermoto Magazine – Australia


So, if you have a passion for Supermoto, and feel you want to write about it. Or, maybe you have a Supermoto related blog, product or business, and want to expand your audience. Why not get an article published on Supermoto Magazine Australia?

Recently we introduced two methods for writers to derive revenue for their work. The first option is to supply us with your ad code i.e Adsense Ad. The second is we create an Adsense Ad that is specifically linked to any articles produced, with all revenue derived from the ad paid out once an agreed threshold is met. We use this method, rather than a one off per article payment, as it more appropriately rewards writers. If an article is popular, and continues to be, the writer will continue to receive the revenue; and if the article is not quite as popular…. well…


If you have an article you’d like published, email it to us at media@supermotoaustralia.com. If the article is suitable for publication, an account will be created to ensure proper attribution and revenue monitoring. Even if it’s your first time, send it in! Everybody has to start somewhere!

When submitting an article, remember, it needs to be directly relevant to the world of Supermoto, and at least 500 words in length. You can be anywhere in the world, writing about anything around the world, provided it’s linked to the subject of Supermoto.

When supplying any images, you need to ensure that you own the copyright, or have the permission of the copyright owner for their use. Further to the subject of copyright, as the writer, you always maintain the copyrights. At Supermoto Magazine – Australia, we use the Creative Commons licensing system (you can read about it here) . A requirement of publication is that the writer agrees to licence their work under the same system.

NB Dual language writer? We’re happy to publish a copy of an article in a language other than English! Original must be supplied in English.

Get writing!