Photographing For Supermoto Magazine (Australia, Europe or Asia)

Making a living from your photography can be hard these days. To provide what we think is a win-win situation, we are now offering photographers the opportunity to derive revenue by hosting galleries on  the Supermoto Magazine websites; including Supermoto Magazine – Australia, Supermoto Magazine – Europe & Supermoto Magazine – Asia. This also includes sharing your images/galleries on our social media to increase your reach.

We’ve now introduced two methods for photographers to derive revenue for their work. The first option is to supply us with your ad code i.e Adsense Ad. The second is we create an Adsense Ad that is specifically linked to any articles produced, with all revenue derived from the ad paid out once an agreed threshold is met. NB: The first options is the most ideal, as it gives the photographer total control over the Ad revenue.

We use this method, rather than a one off per photo/gallery payment, as it more appropriately rewards photographers. If a gallery is popular, and continues to be, the photographer will continue to receive the revenue; and if not, well… Additionally, we can assist photographers with signing off on event access applications (Photographers are still freelance and responsible for their own costs, insurances etc).

When supplying any images, you need to ensure that you own the copyright, or have the permission of the copyright owner for their use. Further to the subject of copyright, as the writer, you always maintain the copyrights. At Supermoto Magazine – Australia, we use the Creative Commons licensing system (you can read about it here) . A requirement of publication is that the photographer agrees to licence their work under the same system.

If you’d like to get started, contact us at You can view our current galleries here at