2018 To Be An Electrifying Year for Australian Supermoto

Alta Motors Redshift SM

With the release of the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the Supermoto section received an upgrade, with the addition of electric enabled Supermoto’s now eligible to enter into Open class competition; including championships. This will allow companies such as Alta Motors, and Tacita to enter machinery into Australian competition.

Up to 45kw electric engines are now allowed in the Open class, and 15kw and 25kw in the Lites and Juniors respectively. It is hoped that this might lead to further investment into Australian Supermoto. The Mini-motard class, which is also now under the Supermoto banner, has 15kw electric engines allowed also.


Along with the introduction of electric engines, the rules also see some minor modifications to existing rules, such as the jump start rule.

To download the Supermoto section of the MoMS, you can click this link

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