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The Dorsoduro is engineered for fun and draws upon the best characteristics of sports bikes and supermotards combined. This year’s model will be touching down in Australia soon replete with the combined knowledge of Aprilia’s Racing Department and their 54 world titles in top tier racing competitions – 7 of which were in the World Supermoto championship! The unique chassis design combines a high strength steel trellis upper member with cast alloy frame spars and swing arm for ultimate rigidity and precise handling. Ride-by-Wire throttle control is retained and enhanced with a new electronic throttle grip, three new dedicated engine maps that are switchable on-the-fly, multi-level traction control and Continental 2-Channel ABS. This is truly the best Dorso ever.

The design – balancing between form and function

The original 750cc 90° V-twin Dorsoduro engine has evolved to a new 900cc platform with the goal of generating more torque and better responsiveness at low and mid-rpm for a more thrilling riding experience. The new engine capacity is achieved by increasing the stroke from 56.4mm to 67.4mm while leaving the bore unchanged at 92mm. By so doing, maximum power now peaks at 70kW @ 8,750rpm, but more importantly the maximum torque value goes from 82Nm @ 4,500rpm on the 750cc V-twin to 90Nm @ 6,500rpm on the latest 900cc model.

The 2017 engine has also undergone a host of improvements aimed at reducing friction. Pistons are completely redesigned and characterized by a special anti-friction mantle, with new pins for a lighter rotating mass. The crankshaft is also new with refined balancing. A new and more efficient semi-dry crank case and internal lubrication circuit reduces friction losses due to oil splash, which keeps consumption and the temperature of the lubricant to a limit, thereby eliminating the need for an oil radiator. The engine also uses new injectors that improve both performance and efficiency while contributing to Euro 4 compliance.

The great looking twin under tail exhaust is fitted with twin oxygen sensors and the engine’s automatic decompressor makes low temperature starting easier. Load on the clutch lever is reduced by 15% making it more comfortable to use and the entire clutch unit has been completely revamped along with changes to the primary drive ratio to optimize available power.
The eye catching Adrenalinic Silver colour scheme is set off with new graphics and red cylinder head covers to highlight the sporty features of this charismatic machine.

Better engine design and electronic management

Engine management is now handled by a new and more powerful Marelli 7 SM ECU with full electronic throttle control – the same hardware used on the new 2017 RSV4 and Tuono 1100. The new colour TFT dash, again the same hardware as the new V4s, provides clear and precise instrumentation and control over the full suite of functions including road speed, engine speed, engine temperature, gear position, current time, engine map and traction control level, aMP (Aprilia Multi-Media Platform) functions and the full range of trip information in two trip diaries including current (real-time) and average fuel consumption.
The three dedicated engine maps are switchable on-the-fly at any time the engine is running and in any throttle position. The traction control level is also switchable on-the-fly via the mode button on the left-hand switch block.

Trip display and menu functions are also controlled via the mode button. The three selectable engine maps, Sport, Touring and Rain provide ideal throttle control and engine response in all conditions. The Sport map provides full engine power with more direct throttle response that is suited to experienced riders and good road surface conditions. The Touring map also provides full engine power but with softer throttle response that is ideal for cruising and general riding. The Rain map provides the most gentle engine response and reduces engine power output to 52kW for additional safety and control when riding on wet, loose or slippery road surfaces. A simple press on the starter button allows the rider to cycle through and select the desired map. Once selected, briefly releasing the throttle engages the desired map until another selection is made.

The new ATC (Aprilia Traction Control) system is integrated with the twin channel ABS module and has three selectable intervention levels and can also be switched off. The ABS function can be de-activated via the mode button but will reactivate whenever the vehicle is restarted.

Full multi-media functionality is supported by the new TFT dash with the addition of the accessory aMP installation kit and the free aMP App, downloadable from the App store for iPhone and Android. The full range of aMP functions are available plus telephone interface, music selection, and rider-passenger intercom via the dash.

Chassis architecture for better handling and control

The Dorsoduro 900 chassis is a direct result of Aprilia’s race development program and long experience gained competing in the Supermoto World championship. The steel trellis upper section (now in red, like the subframe) is combined with high strength cast alloy spars. The result is an extremely rigid and lightweight structure well suited for taking full advantage of the increased capacity of the 900 cc V-twin. Another distinctive technical feature is the laterally inclined position of the shock absorber, a unit that is adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic rebound. This design has created space for an optimum exhaust manifold layout without impacting the length of the bike or subjecting the rear shock absorber to thermal stress.

The new Kayaba fork assembly has adjustable spring preload and is better capable of withstanding the stress of sport riding and harsh road surfaces while providing superior control and greater comfort for those more relaxed rides. Combined with new forged alloy upper and lower triple clamps, the new front end weighs in at 450 grams lighter than its predecessor. Over-all suspension performance is further enhanced by a 2kg reduction in unsprung mass courtesy of the new three-split-spoke magnesium alloy wheels.

Braking performance is superb and everything one expects from Aprilia. Radially mounted Brembo four-piston monobloc callipers paired with 320mm floating discs on the front and a 240mm stainless disc on the rear with a Brembo single piston floating calliper and braided steel brake lines all-round make for supremely effective and consistent stopping power.

Sports and Touring Accessories

The Dorsoduro comes with a wide range of sport and touring accessories. Billet aluminium performance parts include brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers, brake and clutch levers and high qualify finish CNC mirrors. Touring accessories extend to comfort saddles, side panniers and the tank side bags.

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