So the Motard bug has bitten! You lucky soul you…. And you thought only (KTM) Orange was available and not sure what is street legal and available to buy new? Well, this Guide takes you through the models, specs, pricing and where to get them. On offer are some well-known favourites but to spice things up a couple of new alternatives have been added – especially 4 and 5….

  1. KTM 690 SMC

The Kato SMC has been around since the late 90s, taking its lineage from the motocrosser and enduro lines. This makes the Kato a “true” SuperMoto. That means it is derived still to this day from its off-road cousin. However, the road version has some refinements over their dirt cousins like ABS, slipper clutch and stiffer White Power Suspension.

Coming with a true 690c single in stock trim a healthy 49kw pushing around 141 kgs these jiggers are fairly swift. The Kato in many minds is still the benchmark SuperMoto. It comes from a long line of highly successful race bikes and it’s hard to miss the sea of Orange every time SuperMotarders congregate for a fang. They are rare with limited numbers coming into Australia and can be had for around $15k. Go here for more info….

2. Husqvarna 701

With the demises of Husqvarna then the reprisal through KTM we all waited with bated breath for the child of KTM to surface. And they didn’t disappoint! The 701 was released in 2016 and while it shares componentry with the KTM 690SMC it is its own bike with unique styling and slightly different power curves.

Out of the crate, these monsters push 75hp and weigh a meagre 145kgs (A DRZ SM in comparison is similar in weight and nudges around 40hp). White Power Suspension and Brembos adorn these beasts making for a highly competent road package. On road, there are some deals around the 15k mark. Go here for more info.

3. Suzuki DRZ400SM

Including its cousin the DRZ400E, this variant holds the record for the most sold bike in Australia. These little 400s are everywhere, commuting, scratching, off-roading, adventure touring and generally buzzing everywhere for the past 17 years….and unchanged! Originally they came as a Kawasaki then Suzuki took their licence back and produced the DRZ.

The ideal “Leaners” Motard these Suzukis push a modest 40hp and weigh in at an industrial 145kgs making them noticeably slower than the KTM and 701. But….they are super reliable, cheap as chips to run, almost crash proof, highly versatile and only cost around the $8k mark – a bargain which ever way you look at it. The ‘E’ (Enduro) variant, however, is the pick. A hotter cam and FCR carb make them a faster proposition. Add some 17s and in the right hands, they are a weapon. Need more info, go here.

4. SMW SM 650 R

Hands up who didn’t know these fine SuperMotos were available in Australia? And for under $10k? These are Italian and who thinks they look a bit like the older Husqvarna? Right you are.  They are based on a Husky design offering a liquid cooled single cylinder and built in the old Husky factory located in Lombardia, Italy.

Weighing in at 147kg, sporting Marzocchi and Sachs suspension theses 600cc SuperMotards are a surprising bike giving a nod to the “old” style while maintaining a good looking and reasonably priced SM. Curious? Have a look here.

5. Christini AWD 450SM


So you’ve bee sprouting to your mate’s rear wheel drive just doesn’t do it for you anymore and how kewl would it be to have power to drive out of a corner using both wheels? Well here is your answer. An AWD SuperMoto just over $12k. The front wheel mechanism takes less than one horsepower to drive and can be switched off with the flick of a handlebar switch.

Based on a Honda CRM they only weigh 130kgs pushing out around 40ps. All who have ridden these little beasts cannot stop talking about the extra torque drive running out of a corner. A unique bike with a lot of street cred. Need more info click here.

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