ISRD – Adelaide Wrap up Pics and Vid

About 7am on the day of the ISRD-Adelaide I woke to the sound of wind and rain. Checking the weather report it was looking very ordinary. A peek outside revealed a very dark and ominous sky. My heart went into my throat. A message to Dom the event leader and stalwart of the Adelaide Motard Club – “Dom it’s not looking good”. A bit of back and forward and despite the pending doom and gloom it was agreed we would wing it and go ahead.

Riding down Main North Road heading to the meeting place I fell into a nice quiet state of nirvana. The Kato was whirring away just right, there was very little traffic on the road and the weather was producing some tantalising snippets of sun. Ah, the tranquillity! Then, with no warning, a sea of Orange flashes, peppered with dayglo helmets and black hoody wearing  AMC blazoned loud pipes passed me one by one. Nods and waves denoted these guys were off to the same event.


Pulling into BP I was met by a few early starters. A quick look at the sky and it said angry. Over the next 30 minutes, the BP forecourt was awash of everything from the venerable DRZ to the more exotic Euro trash and everything in between. It rained several times before Dom called a pre-ride meeting. Then we were off.

A bunch of busy bees hit the road and just by sheer numbers we seem to push all out of the way. Maybe it was the noise and pageantry that inevitably comes with big bike groups. Most other road users just seem to feel the vibe – filled  with urgency and excitement – and just move over.

Soon all 45 bikes lined up at the Mount Bold Reservoir for our first stop. Pictures were taken and posed for, smack talk was made, some war stories were already being exchanged and the admirations oozed as the bikes received a through ogling.

Back on the Motards we headed to Lobey to see our friend Jo, the owner of Amberlight Cafe. On the way, it rained several times making the Autumn tree debris even slipperier with one come off that tried to straighten an Armco. Armco one, motard and rider nil. Then hitting some of the less used roads the leaf litter became slipperier with a few riders testing out the efficacy of their sphincters….me included!

At some stage the front pack separated from the mid and rear runners with a few getting lost including myself. The rain, cold and slippery conditions made for some dodgy bike moves so the pace slowed with riders heading to Lobey any way they could.

All in all an awesome day despite the inclement weather. We saw new faces which is always encouraging, while some of the usual die-hards turned up in their party dresses ready for a good fang.

Here is to next year and I hope everybody got home safe….


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