New Approach To Motorcycle Management – Have Your Say


As a result of the ‘Whole Of Sport Review’, and the recommendations that flowed from the report, Motorcycling Australia(MA) has proposed a new model of management for motorcycle sport in Australia.

Currently, motorcycle sport is administered by eight different bodies, each with their own structures, Presidents, Boards etc. MA has proposed under the new model that a single body, with a single CEO, be responsible for the administration of the sport; supported by staff in each state.

Cited as one of the biggest benefits, is the potential cost savings, money which, they state, will be redirected back to the clubs, and the development of motorcycle racing in Australia.

The MA Council, made up of the Presidents from each of the respective State Controlling Bodies, is tasked with making the decision as to whether to accept the proposal or not. “The Council appear reluctant to enable this to happen any time soon.” the statement says.


It goes on to say, “We are asking you, the riders, volunteers and officials, to say what you want by answering this simple survey … The Board needs to be able to see what the people who make up our great nation of riders really think. Please help MA to deliver better service to you.”

A page is now available at, which further explains the policy positions, and reasoning for moving to a single controlling body, including links to the survey.

If you don’t want to read all that, you can skip to the survey here at

What are your thoughts? Comment below…

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