Crowd Funded Racing: The Debate


Recently we observed an online discussion, where the poster was vehemently against the idea of riders using crowdfunding platforms to go racing, but instead the traditional channel of obtaining sponsorship should be used.

This we thought raised an interesting question. Is crowdfunding a valid source for riders to go racing?

It could arguably be put that the difference between traditional sponsorship, and crowdfunding is nil. Especially where the crowdfunder is offering some type of marketing or advertising in return. The only real difference between the two is that the traditional sponsorship model usually involves businesses; although there is nothing to stop a business contributing via the crowdfunding platforms either.

We here are Supermoto Magazine – Australia believe that riders using crowdfunding is an innovative way to gather funds to go racing, especially considering the difficulties in attracting a sponsorship deal. For some, it might be the only way to compete at national or international compeition.

What are your thoughts? Have your say below! Let the debate begin….

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